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40V 2A Lithium Ion Battery Charger
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40V 2A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

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  • Charges 40V Trophy Strike Lithium Ion Batteries.
  • 100-130V AC/220-240V AC input voltage.
  • 2A (max) output current.
  • 126V output voltage.
  • 50-60Hz input frequency.
  • Wall mountable.

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Charges 40V Trophy Strike Lithium Ion Batteries. This charger can be used with an input voltage of 100-250V and an AC frequency of 50-60Hz. Plugs into a 120V AC outlet (normal household voltage). Features an LED light that indicates the operating status and the state of charge of the battery. Charging is simple – you simply slide the battering into place until it locks in and the LED will flash green showing the battery is charging – once the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator will show a steady green light. Lithium Ion batteris are an excellent choice as they have no memory effect therefore a partial charge will not damage your battery. The charger is wall mountable for convenient storage. Full Specs: 100-130V AC/220-240V AC input voltage, 2A (max) output current, 126V output voltage, 50-60Hz input frequency. Battery Charge Time (SKU 106481) : 135 Minutes.


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